infrastructure spending

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It shouldn’t take three levels of government to pay for a train

The prime minister is making the rounds, pledging money for various public transportation projects.

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Trudeau vs. Biden—transparency and budget honesty
Nearly 60 per cent of the Liberal infrastructure spending was on “green” and “social” projects.

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Trudeau government keeps ‘imagining’ while Canadians suffer the economic consequences

For the 45 research projects approved, almost $100 million had been committed but not necessarily spent.

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Canada does not need a modern ‘Marshall Plan’ after COVID

After the COVID crisis has passed, Ottawa should find ways to encourage private-sector investment and hiring.

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Trudeau government’s COVID-19 fiscal response avoids major mistakes

Ottawa will spend up to $27 billion supporting individual Canadians and businesses.

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The PBO projects a cumulative federal deficit of $85.6 billion over the next five years.

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Conditional grants give the federal government greater sway over projects across Canada.

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More than 56 per cent of the nearly $100 billion is for so-called “green” and “social” infrastructure.

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The federal government calls the $7 billion set aside for subsidizing daycare “infrastructure.”