labour participation

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Don’t believe doomsday predictions about a ‘tech-driven’ employment apocalypse

In 1921, agriculture accounted for nearly one-third of all employment in Canada compared to two per cent by the early 21st century.

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Ontario unemployment numbers—the devil’s in the details

Toronto's employment rate fell from 64 per cent to 61.9 per cent.

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How interest rates affect labour participation among Canadian workers young and old

Workers aged 55 years and over hold one-fifth of the jobs in Canada.

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Labour participation and job creation rates tell untold tale of Canadian economy

Canada’s employment rate has steadily declined since December 2017—from 62.0 per cent to 61.5 per cent.

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The participation rate for Canadian women aged 60-64 has more than doubled.

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Statistics Canada looked at the impact of aging on labour market participation rates.