trade with china

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Canada must push back hard against Chinese aggression in Hong Kong

Canada, with 300,000 citizens in Hong Kong, should be at the front of the international effort.

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Canada needs more major trading partners beyond China and the U.S.

China still only represents five per cent of our exports.

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Steady as she goes, Professor Phillips (people consume goods and services—not generic output)

The Bank noted that the Trump-China trade war is causing a slowdown in many parts of the world.

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China may land outside the world trade system

China’s huge well-disciplined, well-educated workforce was bound to cause painful global adjustments.

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Trump’s trade war—backing us into the 1930s?

One effect of the 1930s was the emergence of trade blocs.

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Slowdown of world economic growth would likely reduce demand for Canadian resource exports

In 2018, China imported almost US$5.4 billion of crude oil from the U.S.

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China sets debt traps, threatens militarily

China has already blocked 15 million of its citizens from train and airline travel.

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This China clause has been portrayed as a humiliating imposition on Canadian sovereignty.

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Canada’s supply management system will largely remain intact, to the disadvantage of Canadian consumers.

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Goods originating in China and destined for Canada go through a third country.