Canadian Student Review: Spring 2022

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Canadian Student Review - Spring 2022

In this issue:

Student Article #1
Student contributor Neil J. Adam explains the link between economic freedom and happiness.

Video Gallery
This video from The Essential Natural Law series explains the philosophical underpinings of natural law.

The Fraser Institute Blog
University of Western Ontario’s Professor Emeritus Derek J. Allison discusses school choice and the inaccessibility of independent schools across Canada.

The federal government’s tax changes have resulted in almost nine out of ten Canadian families (86 percent) in the middle income group paying higher federal personal income taxes.

Student Article #2
Student contributor William Dunstan discusses trade and innovation, and the historical impact on median families.

Student Book Review
Student contributor Meg Deak shares her insight on Virgil Storr and Ginny Choi’s book, Do Markets Corrupt Our Morals?

Quote Wall
A quote on the possibility of cities from Jane Jacobs – American-Canadian journalist, author, theorist, and activist who influenced urban studies, sociology, and economics. Jane Jacobs is featured in our upcoming Essential Women of Liberty series.

The Fraser Institute Blog
Fraser Institute Senior Fellow Ben Eisen and senior policy analyst Steve Lafleur discuss Ontario’s job creation record.

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Showcase your ideas on public policy and the role of markets by entering our essay competition: What in the world would Adam Smith say?

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