tax increases

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Toronto’s proposed sales tax is a cautionary tale for all Canadians

Irresponsible spending and borrowing leads to tax increases today or in the future.

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Most young Canadians don’t think high-income earners should pay more taxes

By raising top tax rates, the government discourages entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Socialism definitions and tax increases: all respondents vs. socialism supporters

Support for the traditional definition of socialism is comparatively weak.

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Young Americans support abstract and unworkable socialism

Only 32 per cent of Americans define socialism as government taking control of companies and industries.

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Ontario’s ‘temporary’ tax increases may never go away

For the province's top earners, each new dollar they earn is taxed at 53.53 per cent.

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Surprise surplus should spell end for Ontario's ‘temporary’ tax hikes

The province's top income tax bracket to 53.53 per cent, the third-highest rate in North America.

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Ottawa’s ‘buyback’ tax will likely hurt Canada’s economy

Due to the new tax, financial capital will be used less efficiently and productivity will suffer.

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Contrary to rhetoric, high-income families pay most taxes in Canada

The top 20 per cent pay nearly two-thirds of all federal and provincial income taxes.