Joseph Quesnel

Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute

Joseph Quesnel is a Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute. He received a BA honours in political science and history from McGill University and is currently completing a master of journalism degree from Carleton University, with a specialization in public affairs reporting.  Mr. Quesnel has over 15 years of experience in print journalism including over three years as lead staff writer at the Drum/First Perspective, a national Aboriginal publication.

For close to seven years, Mr. Quesnel was a Manning intern and a full-time policy analyst at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy where he has written widely on Aboriginal, property rights, and water market issues. Some of his publications include a Canadian Property Rights Index, an annual Aboriginal Governance Index, and a study of the B.C. Nisga’a Nation.  Mr. Quesnel’s work has been featured in numerous Canadian radio and newspapers outlets (Globe and Mail, National Post,  Vancouver Sun,  Montreal Gazette,  Ottawa Citizen,  and Chronicle Herald.  He has been called to provide expert testimony before the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples and the House’s Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development.

Recent Research by Joseph Quesnel

— Mar 21, 2017
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Custom Election Codes for First Nations

Custom Election Codes for First Nations: A Double-Edged Sword finds that nearly 60 per cent of Canada’s First Nations have adopted custom election systems for band chiefs and councils, instead of using Indian Act rules. And while custom-made election systems for individual First Nation bands may produce more accountable and transparent government, they may also lead to abuse of power and discrimination.