bc budget

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B.C.’s credit downgrades reflect government’s spending and debt binge

The government plans to overspend by $11.2 billion relative to its 2023 budget plan.

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Alberta and B.C. budgets represent two different approaches to government finances

According to projections, government debt interest will cost nearly $1,000 per British Columbian by 2026/27.

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B.C. government sparks debt explosion with far-reaching consequences

From 2019-20 to 2024-25, the government increased program spending by more than 50 per cent.

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B.C. budget spells disaster for province’s finances

The province's net debt will reach a projected $129 billion by 2026/27—nearly triple the pre-pandemic level in 2019/20.

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Premier Eby fails to learn from mistakes of predecessor in first budget

The province will run a $4.2 billion operating budget deficit in 2023/24.

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B.C. government faces clear choice in upcoming budget

After six consecutive years of surpluses, the government ran operating deficits in 2019 and 2020.

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B.C. budget fails to tackle big long-term challenges

The province expects net debt to increase by $31.2 billion over the next three fiscal years.

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B.C. budget lacks effective plan for finances and economy

Program spending is projected to increase from pre-pandemic levels by 15.2 per cent in 2021/22.