climate policy

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Economists miss the point about the carbon tax revolt

In fact, a major obstacle to emission reductions in Canada is our tax burden.

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Wanted—a federal leader who will be honest about ‘climate’ policy

With current technology, affordable policies yield only small temporary emission reductions.

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The people will reject the globalist ‘climate’ agenda

With climate change, technocrats reduce complex and uncertain matters to dogmatic slogans.

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Federal government pursuing Soviet-style central ‘climate’ planning

The government's vision vastly exaggerates the knowledge and foresight of elected officials and bureaucrats.

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Beware of exaggerated claims of climate harm

The effect of climate change on economic growth will likely be insignificant or even positive.

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The important climate study you didn’t hear about

The atmosphere has warmed at half the average rate predicted by climate models.

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Federal government injects climate change theatre into concrete deals

These requirements, which will inflate costs to taxpayers, do nothing to improve the goods or services provided.

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Conference in the Holy Land produces glimmers of climate policy sanity

The Trudeau government simply wants to convince Canadians to use less power and live colder poorer lives.