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EV transition stalls despite government mandates and billion-dollar handouts

Aggressive government timelines for EV adoption clash with sluggish metal and mineral production.

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B.C. government accelerates EV transition while consumers and carmakers hit the brakes

Automakers are slowing down EV production plans and warning they see slower sales ahead.

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Federal government EV mandates destined to fail

In Canada, only 6.5 per cent of the 1.5 million new vehicles sold in 2022 were electric.

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Ottawa’s EV targets out of sync with global metal supply

A shortage of metals could trigger dramatic losses throughout the entire EV supply chain.

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Electric vehicle subsidies make little sense in Canada

Most EV buyers in Canada have had incomes well above the average.

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Ottawa’s super-charged EV obsession reaches new heights

Electric vehicles have consistently failed to compete with combustion vehicles on performance and cost.

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Trudeau and Biden fight tide of economics with forced EV transition

Sales of electric vehicles and hybrids remain relatively small within the scope of total vehicle sales.