labour shortage

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AI unlikely to trigger an employment apocalypse

Research finds that AI will increase labour productivity and boost global economic output by 5 to 7 per cent.

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Canada’s demographic crisis threatens incomes and living standards

Because retired people save less money than working people, Canada will rely more on foreign savings to finance domestic investments.

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There’s no ‘labour shortage’ just a surplus of bad government policies

Private employers unable to compete with government-sector wages endure longer-lasting vacancies.

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Ontario government should end unnecessary ‘training’ subsidies

The province plans to spend more than $200 million on employment and skills training.

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Artificial Intelligence will kill jobs—and create them

The extent and urgency of educating and training workers should not be overestimated.

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Response to David Baxter column, February 17-23, 2004, Business in Vancouver

Is Canada facing a looming labour shortage? David Baxter, for one, seems to think we are and that without high levels of immigration Canada will be unable to support current levels of health care and social services.