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Aboriginal Policy

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Courts take activist approach to treaty interpretation

Even if negotiations on compensation begin, the courts have little guidance on how to evaluate several key factors.

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Spending on Indigenous settlements has spiralled out of control

Recent class actions demand payment not just for individuals but also for family members and entire communities.

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Stop the Specific Claims Perpetual Motion Machine

Economic and social progress comes from seizing future opportunities, not from preoccupation with past grievances.

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Often, First Nations people receive certain benefits for so long they treat them as entitlements.

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Four indigenous groups support construction of $20.6 billion mine north of Fort McMurray.  

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Region’s chromite deposits valued between $30 billion and $60 billion.

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A box of Pampers costs $70 off the shelf in Iqaluit compared to $35 online.

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Over the next decade, more than 650 projects worth $650 billion will benefit First Nation communities.

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With true self-governance, funding and service levels are no longer determined by federal bureaucrats.

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