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Canadian politicians should learn about Australia’s better health-care system

In Australia, more than 70 per cent of elective hospital admissions involving surgery occurred in a private hospital.

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Health-care wait times in New Brunswick nearly double national average

New Brunswickers who required medically-necessary surgeries endured a median wait for treatment of 52.6 weeks.

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Canadian patients want other options outside crumbling health-care system

Countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Australia either partner with their private sector or use it as a pressure-valve for the public system.

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Saskatchewan proved that reform can shorten wait times

The province went from having some of the longest waits for surgery to some of the shortest.

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Canadians losing faith in our health-care system

Other countries include the private sector as a partner in the universal health-care framework.

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Alberta should learn from other higher-performing universal health-care systems

The province's average wait time for health care grew from 18.5 weeks in 2008 to 33.5 weeks in 2023.

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Ottawa’s new dental care benefit offers lessons for health-care reform

Among universal health-care countries, Canada ranks poorly on several key indictors including number of hospital beds.

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Canadians endure long waits for mental health care

Canadians can expect to wait nearly six months from general practitioner referral to treatment by a psychiatrist.

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National pharmacare program—the threat to patients and innovation

Canadians may experience more limited access to new drugs and poorer health-care outcomes.

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B.C.’s health-care wait times only getting longer

Wait times in the province more than doubled from 10.4 weeks in 1993 to 25.8 weeks in 2022.

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