land use controls

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B.C. government’s new land-use law threatens viability of province’s mining industry

In 2024, nominal investment in B.C.'s mining sector will reach a projected $2.4 billion, 15 per cent less than 12 years ago.

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Yes, B.C.’s Land Act changes give First Nations veto over use of Crown Land

The government's documentation describes “shared decision-making through joint or consent models.”

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B.C. government wants to quickly make major changes to Land Act

Only 18 per cent of poll respondents support a First Nations veto over land use in the province.

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B.C. government should properly consult British Columbians about changes to Land Act

The government wants to fundamentally change the way 95 per cent of the province's land and water is managed.

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B.C. government’s plan to co-manage public land with First Nations will close province for business

According to the plan, First Nations will become joint landlords of more than 90 per cent of the province.

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Don’t lose sight of bread and butter issues in Toronto

Eleven out of 23 urban areas in the province have not recovered from the last recession.