capital gains

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Capital gains tax hike will cause widespread damage in Canadian economy

If the government wanted to pay for new programs, it could’ve reduced spending in other areas.

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Prime minister’s misleading capital gains video misses the point

Many Canadians who incur capital gains taxes, such as small business owners, may only do so once in their lifetimes.

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Ottawa’s capital gains tax hike—final nail in ‘business investment’ coffin

The tax increase will reduce the return on investment and encourage an exodus of capital from the country.

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Federal capital gains tax hike will hurt New Brunswickers

The province had the third-lowest level of per-worker business investment in Canada.

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New capital gains hike won’t work as claimed but will harm the economy

Investors may delay selling capital assets because they anticipate a change in government and a reversal back to the previous inclusion rate.

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Higher capital gains taxes will further threaten living standards in Canada

Business investment (excluding residential development) is down 22.5 per cent.

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Higher capital gains tax would hurt Canada's economic recovery

These taxes also apply to Canadians with sporadic capital gains such as businessowners who sell their businesses.

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Capital gains tax hike would hurt many Canadians—not just the rich

Taxes on capital and income are the most damaging to the economy.

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Misunderstandings about capital gains taxes

For most Canadians, capital gains do not show up in income or capital gains statistics.