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With another exciting gathering of our EFNA Network just concluded in September and a new edition of the EFNA report scheduled for release in November, October is the ideal time to take stock of all the great work and impressive accomplishments of our growing continentwide partnership of free-market institutions.

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Dozens of members and partners of the EFNA Network turned their annual gathering into a Zoom conference call. The out-of-the-ordinary mode of connecting didn’t prevent them from exchanging innovative ideas, helpful best practices and a sneak peek of EFNA 2020, which was recently released worldwide.

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Baltic states continue march towards markets despite rocky road

The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania unreservedly embraced economic freedom since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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The decline in economic freedom in Peru

Chile is the most economically free country in Latin America.

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The tide of global freedom is receding—but there’s hope

Venezuela is now the poster country for economic disaster.