health care wait lists

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More private clinics will help Ontario—but province needs fundamental health-care reform

Patients in the province faced a median wait of 20.3 weeks between seeing a general practitioner and receiving treatment in 2022.

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Health-care wait times in Canada hit record high in 2020
Switzerland and the Netherlands use cost-sharing to incentivize more efficient use of medical resources.

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Universal health-care systems in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia include private insurers and/or providers.

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The average unattached Canadian will pay about $4,257 this year, while an average family of four will pay $11,494.

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Over the last week, roughly 90 people served by the Saskatoon health authority have been told that they will have to wait one month longer in pain and discomfort because of a budgetary shortfall. Though patients served by the Regina Health Region have been spared the cancellations, the budgetary and capacity issues there are no less real. But are the budgetary shortfalls and the resulting cancellations caused by a lack of health spending or by an inefficient use of those funds?