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Health-care wait times in New Brunswick nearly double national average

New Brunswickers who required medically-necessary surgeries endured a median wait for treatment of 52.6 weeks.

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Private surgical clinic making life better for New Brunswickers

The province's median wait time between referral to a specialist and receipt of treatment was 43.3 weeks.

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Non-COVID patients pay price for health-care backlogs

According to the Quebec government, an estimated 140,000 patients are waiting for surgery in the province.

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B.C. makes progress on surgery backlog—but serious challenges remain

The provincial government contracted several private surgical clinics to help clear the backlog.

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Massive surgery backlog latest symptom of Ontario’s health-care problem

Provinces continue to discourage the development of a parallel private health-care sector—in stark contrast to other countries.

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Canadians must wait 41.7 weeks (on average) to receive medically necessary elective orthopaedic surgery.

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Get ready for Medicare’s annual summer slowdown, where the forecast calls for possibly poorer than usual service levels.

Every year, provincial health care systems across Canada dutifully reduce the volume of services they provide in preparation for the summer vacation season. This planned-for reduction has the inevitable effect of lengthening waiting times for Canadians over the summer months (and during Christmas holidays). The added twist this year is the slowdowns might be extended in a bid to reduce expenditures.