traffic congestion

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Ontario government should toll new highways to relieve traffic congestion

Forcing housing growth into smaller communities outside of Toronto almost certainly means more drivers.

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Road tolls in Vancouver—a great idea if done right

Vancouver city council should use the new revenue to reduce commercial and industrial property taxes.

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Help Toronto taxpayers—toll the roads

Toronto spends the most (per person) on transportation of any city in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

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Traffic congestion isn’t just a nuisance or environmental hazard—it’s also a significant economic harm.

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Worsening traffic in the Greater Toronto Area costs the economy billions of dollars per year.

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If tolls get people off the roads, you don’t need the subsidy to subways, too.

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As anyone who regularly commutes on Metro Vancouver highways will tell you, traffic congestion is a significant problem. Commuters end up sitting in their cars rather than spending time with their families or doing other valuable things.