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Canadians face serious economic costs due to health-care wait times

Wait times for non-emergency treatment in 2023 cost Canadians $3.5 billion in lost wages and productivity.

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P.E.I. government’s policies hurting health-care recruitment effort

At $75,000 in income, the province has the highest combined tax rate in Canada.

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Policymakers in Ottawa and Edmonton maintain broken health-care system

Canada ranked dead last on wait times for specialist care and non-emergency surgeries.

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Canadians losing faith in our health-care system

Other countries include the private sector as a partner in the universal health-care framework.

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Federal government embraces co-payments and ‘dual billing’ for dental care—but not health care

Ottawa's plan won’t replace existing provincial and territorial programs that already cover some oral health services.

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Ottawa’s new dental care benefit offers lessons for health-care reform

Among universal health-care countries, Canada ranks poorly on several key indictors including number of hospital beds.

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Canadians endure long waits for mental health care

Canadians can expect to wait nearly six months from general practitioner referral to treatment by a psychiatrist.

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Enough talk, it's time to fix health care in Canada

In 2022, the wait between a specialist visit and treatment was 27.4 weeks.

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Ottawa’s heavy hand frustrates health-care reform in Alberta and beyond

In countries with more successful universal systems, patients are free to use private clinics.