Canadian Student Review - Fall 2009

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With all the recent talk about bailouts and stimulus packages, our fall 2009 issue of Canadian Student Review takes a timely look into the real, data-backed recipe for economic prosperity. Economic health is not about increasing consumption, or calculating marketplace interventions. It's all about freedom - economic freedom.

This issue showcases the winning essays of our 2009 Student Essay Contest! Students from India, Canada, and Singapore won cash prizes for their exposés on "Economic Freedom and Global Prosperity," covering topics such as labour laws, property rights and credit, and poverty reduction. We've also included details on the five areas of the Economic Freedom of the World Index which are used to rate levels of economic freedom in 141 different countries, and a recent excerpt from a very enlightening Ask the Professor live chat about Globalization and Trade.

We are always welcoming articles on economics and public policy from new student authors. See our back cover and find out how you can get published in CSR.

Best Wishes,
Courtenay Vermeulen, Editor

In this issue:
What's Good for Business is Good for the PoorBy Nikhil Joseph
A look at India's labour laws

About the Economic Freedom of the World Index
How do we measure economic freedom?

Property Rights & Credit as Keys to Growthby Michal Grzadkowski
The bare fundamentals of prosperity

Economic Freedom & Povertyby Mohamed Ilham B. Mohamed Salleh
Crucial aims for poverty reduction

Ask the Professorwith Dr. Donald J. Boudreaux
Trade restrictions hurt developing nations

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