Fraser Forum - September/October 2012: Mining policy in Canada and the world

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In this issue:

Leadership needed to take the sting out of BC’s return to the PST
by Charles Lammam, Milagros Palacios, and Niels Veldhuis
How can British Columbia best deal with the demise of the HST and the return of the PST?

$6.1 billion in “free money” at Industry Canada
by Mark Milke
Over the past 30 years, the federal department of industry spent $13.7 billion on business subsidies, $6.1 billion of it with no repayment expected.

BC Family Day will cost BC families
by Niels Veldhuis and Amela Karabegović
A new holiday for British Columbians will cost those that it is meant to help.

Investor concerns common to mining and petroleum exploration and development
by Gerry Angevine
In the annual surveys, Fraser Institute researchers have found that both the petroleum and mining industries have common concerns.

Peru’s social conflict is about more than mining
by Alana Wilson
Peruvian attitudes toward mining issues require both government and industry attention.

The dangers of Quebec’s resource nationalism
by Jean-François Minardi
Quebec politicians should rethink their views on mining policy.

Asbestos subsidies: Canadian taxpayers should not be required to subsidize uneconomic activities
by Alana Wilson
The market for asbestos has been falling for decades but the Canadian government continues to provide money to keep mines open.

Mining Business Risks Summit 2012
by Fred McMahon
The Mining Business Risks Summit in November will discuss political risk with industry experts from around the globe.

Opportunity for health reform: Lessons from the Netherlands
by Mark Rovere and Bacchus Barua
In this second installment in a series from the Centre for Health Policy Studies, the authors study the Netherlands’ health care system and compare it with Canada’s.

Obamacare for Canadians: The short, unhappy life of a failed US health reform
by John R. Graham
Why is Obamacare so unpopular in the US?

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