Canadian Student Review: Spring 2021

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Canadian Student Review - Spring 2021

In this issue:

Beware Boutique Tax Credits
Student contributor William Dunstan explains why narrowly targeted tax credits unnecessarily complicate the tax system.

Video Gallery
This video from the Essential Austrian Economics series, uncovers the unintended consequences on the market of policy interventions.

Manufacturing in Canada
For Canada to build a strong domestic manufacturing industry, it will need to leverage its advantages to compete effectively, says student contributor Brennan Sorge.

Blog Post
The Fraser Institute’s researchers question just how competitive Canada will be post-pandemic if it continues to rely on its current tax structure.

Canada will only get to a 4-day work week by improving productivity.

Quote Wall
A quote on freedom from Canadian-American journalist, novelist, and political philosopher, Isabel Paterson.

Non-COVID Patients Pay Price for Health Care Backlogs
Governments across Canada can’t ignore the many non-COVID patients who’ve paid a heavy price since the pandemic began.

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