Canadian Student Review - Spring / Summer 2009

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Our Spring / Summer 2009 issue of Canadian Student Review features articles written by students, for students, addressing and challenging the public policy matters of today.

This issue offers perspectives on the regulation of financial markets, the efficacy of Canada's recent GST cuts, and why students shouldn't worry about their co-op job prospects during the economic downturn. This issue also includes a special feature, Understanding economics in the news (pg. 4), which provides a critical analysis of the media's representation of the recession.

CSR welcomes all students to submit articles on economics and public policy-no experience necessary. Check out the back cover of this issue to find out how you can get published in CSR.

Best Wishes,

Courtenay Vermeulen, Assistant Editor

In this issue:

Understanding economics in the news by Carlos Murillo
What is a recession?

Breaking the cycle of financial regulation by Thomas Thorn
Increased market regulation won't prevent scandal and fraud

How effective are GST cuts? by Patrick Gervais
Find out how Canadian leaders inefficiently manage public resources

Things Folks Know that Just Ain't So by Courtenay Vermeulen
Do less generous welfare programs create more poverty?

Co-ops are worth your time by Alicia Woodside
Co-op opportunities remain despite the economic downturn

HOT Topics!
New stuff from the Institute

Ask the Professor
The causes and depth of the Great Depression with Dr. Steven Horwitz

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