Canadian Student Review: Summer 2023

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The Fraser Institute Blog Post #1
This article decodes greatness through an economic analysis of Brady, LeBron, and the G.O.A.T. phenomenon.

Video Gallery
As this video demonstrates, if Canadians paid all their taxes up front at the start of the year, they’d give the government every dollar they earned until June 19—Tax Freedom Day—when they could finally start working for themselves.

The Fraser Institute Blog Post #2
This article discusses the worsening state of Canada’s rental markets in the aftermath of the pandemic, highlighting the increased challenges that both renters and landlords face.

This recent infographic highlights the findings from a new study on the Canadian housing market.

Student Article #1
This article takes a deep dive into Canada’s efforts to combat climate change, examining the delicate balance between ambitious environmental goals and the practical economic implications of the federal carbon policy.

Student Article #2
This article dives into the intersection of politics and trade by unveiling politicians’ delicate juggling act as they navigate the desires of voters and local industries in the face of global trade complexities.

Quote Wall
A quote from Marian L. Tupy’s book, Superabundance. The book examines the surprising growth of the human population from 1800 to 2020 and reveals an explosion of material abundance instead of declining living standards.

The Fraser Institute Blog Post #3
This article goes to the heart of the forest fire discourse by challenging common assumptions about escalating wildfire occurrences and shedding light on the need for well-informed forest management strategies.

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