Canadian Student Review: Winter 2021

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Canadian Student Review - Winter 2021

In this issue:

Wealth Taxes Aren’t Worth It
Our student contributor, William Dunstan, explains why wealth taxes won’t solve the country’s financial woes.

Video Gallery
This video explores Robert Nozick’s framework that would allow for countless perfect societies within which people could willingly choose to live—and leave—as they wanted.

Restoring Faith in Canada’s Consumer Price Index
Student contributor Brennan Sorge argues that the Bank of Canada needs to adjust the CPI so it better reflects the effect of large, debt-driven purchases.

Blog Post
The Fraser Institute’s President and Executive Vice-President question the effectiveness of a new proposed wealth tax in supporting economic growth for millennials.

This recent infographic highlights the results from a new Fraser Institute study that finds not only has forest fire activity in Canada decreased over the last 30 years, but so too has global fire activity.

Quote Wall
A quote on the power of capitalism from the late Walter E. Williams.

Provinces Should Remove Trade Barriers to Accelerate Economic Recovery
Fraser Institute Economist Jake Fuss discusses an easy change Canadian policymakers can make to fast-track the country’s economic recovery.

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