Canadian Student Review: Winter 2023

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Welcome Message

The Fraser Institute Blog Post #1
Senior Fellow Kenneth P. Green discusses the tradeoffs of Canada’s net-zero plan.

Video Gallery
This video from The Essential John Stuart Mill highlights one of J.S. Mill’s most important contributions as a philosopher and economist.

The Fraser Institute Blog Post #2
Researchers Josef Filipowicz and Steve Lafleur highlight the role Canada’s slowed homebuilding rates have had on the overall Canadian housing market.

Check out a recent infographic which highlights the growing debt burden for Canadians.

The Fraser Institute Blog Post #3
Fraser Institute Senior Fellow Livio Di Matteo discusses challenges that may arise from the Canadian government’s commitment to increased immigration.

Student Book Review
Student contributor Samantha Cardenas Aranguren shares her insight on Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell’s book, Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World.

Quote Wall
A excerpt from Leonard E. Read’s, I, Pencil.

The Fraser Institute Blog Post #4
Professor Carden summarizes an excerpt from the Fraser Institute’s Demographics and Entrepreneurship essay series.

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