The Do's and Don'ts of Housing Policy

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This book is the second in the Institute's on-going housing economics series, the first of which was: "Rent Control—A Popular Paradox." Economist Raymond Heung's book is a case study of housing in British Columbia. As well as taking vigorous issue with the methodology and conclusions of the 1975 Jaffary and Runge reports, (issued as a result of a B.C. government-funded Interdepartmental Study). the Heung book (written by a former staff member of the government study team) provides a useful and detailed framework for housing market analysis, together with an examination of the costs of adopting a housing allowance scheme for British Columbia. This scheme, guaranteeing access to basic accommodation for all residents in the province would cost less than half as much as current government outlays on housing in the province. Described as a "courageous venture into the never-never land of British Columbia housing policy" by the Canadian Press, this book has a message applicable to every province. As such, it should be of interest to everyone concerned with Canadian housing economics.

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