Vision for a Canada Strong and Free

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In this volume, Mike Harris and Preston Manning, two of Canada's most astute political leaders, present their vision of a future Canada - A Canada Strong and Free.

What are the public policies that will make this vision a reality? That is the question this work seeks to answer, bringing together with new insights the social, governance, economic, and international policy recommendations of the previous volumes of the Canada Strong and Free series.

Applying principles rooted in the importance of economic freedom, the acceptance of responsibility, social well-being, and the right balance between governments and the private sector, Harris and Manning offer:

  • policies to expand freedom of choice and quality of service in education, child care, and health care;
  • a menu of reforms for renewing Canadian democracy and rebalancing Canadian federalism;
  • policies to maximize economic prosperity by striking new balances between economic freedom and regulation, taxation, and government spending;
  • a Canadian foreign policy that champions international trade liberalization, strengthening Canada-US relations to Canada's benefit, and the Tools of Wealth Creation approach to reducing global poverty.

Looking ahead, this summary volume of The Canada Strong and Free series offers further insights into such issues as our aging population, the productivity challenge, social, entrepreneurship, aboriginal self reliance, regional development, environmental conservation, and energy policy.

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