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With a pivot to online instruction, are you looking for extra classroom resources to engage students in your philosophy, politics, social studies, and economics curricula?

We’ve got you covered. The new Economics EduKit provides accessible resources that can be implemented online or in-person and will connect you to an ever-growing collection of high-quality resources through the Essential Scholars series and other great economic resources.

The new EduKit includes a box set of five scholars works for your bookshelf including Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, John Locke, and Joseph Schumpeter, free online copies of the Essential Scholars series that can easily be distributed to your students, video assets, online links, lesson plans and additional readings to engage your students and help them understand and apply the works of these influential scholars. The new EduKit was developed to complement Canadian high school economics, social studies, philosophy, and business courses.

Curriculum Links

  • AB – Social Studies 10, 20, 30
  • BC – Social Studies 10, Explorations in Social Studies 11, Economic Theory 12
  • MB – Social Studies 10, History of Canada 11, Global Issues 12
  • NB – Social Studies 10, Modern History 11, Economics 120
  • NL – Social Studies 12, 22, 32
  • NS – History 10, Canadian History 11, Global Studies 12
  • ON – Canadian and World Studies 10, 11, 12
  • PEI – GEO421, ECO621, HIS621
  • QC – Social Sciences Sec III, IV, V
  • SK – History 10, 20, 30


These kits (inclusive of shipping charges) are provided for free to teachers from across Canada, and consequently are in high demand. Once you have requested a kit, you will be notified in early September if you have been selected to receive a kit, which will be sent out mid-September in order that you can begin to use the new materials in your classes this Fall.

The applications for the 2020 EduKit are now closed. If you are interested in the topics, and resources that are provided in the 2020 Edukit, we would encourage you to visit our Essential Scholars series at This ever growing bank of resources, includes student friendly books and short videos that highlight the key ideas from economic thinkers, like Hayek, Friedman, Locke, Smith, and Schumpeter.

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