The Fraser Institute Founders' Award

Fraser Institute Founders' Award

The Fraser Institute Founders’ Award, named after founders T. Patrick Boyle and Michael A. Walker, is the Institute’s highest honour.  The award is presented annually to individuals in recognition of their exceptional entrepreneurial achievements, generous philanthropic endeavors and dedication to competitive markets. These individuals are role models for the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.

T. Patrick Boyle served in the Air Force Signals Corps during the Second World War and then went on to complete his business administration studies before embarking on a highly successful business career that spanned more than 25 years in the U.S. and Canada. He served as MacMillan Bloedel’s first worldwide corporate controller before retiring in 1977 to devote his energy to the Fraser Institute. As founding chairman and long-time vice-chairman of the Institute’s Board of Trustees, Mr. Boyle played a pivotal role in ensuring that the Institute’s founding principles continue to guide it to this day. He now holds the title of Founder & Honourary Chairman for Life.

Dr. Michael A. Walker was the executive director of the Fraser Institute from its inception in 1974 until September 2005. As an economist, he has authored or edited 45 books on economic topics. His articles on technical economic subjects have appeared in professional journals in Canada, the United States and Europe, including the Canadian Journal of Economics, the American Economic Review, the Journal of Finance, the Canadian Tax Journal, Health Management Quarterly, Weltwertschaftliches Archiv and Health Affairs. His primary concern as the founding Executive Director of the Fraser Institute has been to promote the examination and use of competitive markets as a method for enhancing the lives of Canadians. He is the co-founder, with Milton and Rose D. Friedman, of the Economic Freedom of the World project which is now a collaboration of institutes in 85 countries and produces the annual Economic Freedom of the World Index. The Index is one of the most widely cited such measures in the current academic literature.

The Fraser Institute Founders’ Award in Recognition of T. Patrick Boyle and Michael A. Walker has been sponsored since its inception by a grant from the Donner Canadian Foundation and by generous corporate sponsorships. Revenue generated by the tribute dinners, held to honour the selected individuals, funds Fraser Institute research and programing activities.

2018 award recipients


Michael J. Tims – Calgary, October 4
Gerry Price – Winnipeg, October 11
Shaun C. Francis – Toronto, October 18
Gordon Diamond – Vancouver, November 1
Jim and David Hewitt – Montreal, November 8

Past award winners


2017 – Ian Telfer, Vancouver
2017 – Mac Van Wielingen, Calgary
2017 – Stephen Jarislowsky, Montreal
2017 – Ed Sonshine, Toronto
2016 – Richard Jaffray, Vancouver
2016 – Hon. Brad Wall, Calgary
2016 – Serge Godin, Montreal
2016 – Linda Hasenfratz and Jim Jarrell, Toronto
2015 – Keith and Ryan Beedie, Vancouver
2015 – Fred and Ron Mannix, Calgary
2015 – Emanuele "Lino" Saputo and Lino Saputo, Jr., Montreal
2015 – Jack Cockwell, Toronto
2014 – Chip Wilson, Vancouver
2014 – Clive Beddoe, Calgary
2014 – Alain Bouchard, Montreal
2014 – Peter E. Gilgan, Toronto
2013 – Brandt C. Louie, Vancouver
2013 – Nancy Southern, Calgary
2013 – Alvin Segal, Montreal
2013 – Eric Sprott, Toronto
2012 - George Melville, Vancouver
2012 - Jim Treliving, Vancouver
2012 - Clay Riddell, Calgary
2012 - Jonathan Wener, Montreal
2012 - Ned Goodman, Toronto
2011 - Darren Entwistle, Vancouver
2011 - Hal Kvisle, Calgary
2011 - Frank Stronach, Toronto
2010 - Norman Keevil, Vancouver
2010 - Allan Markin, Calgary
2010 - Peter Munk, Toronto
2009 - Peter Brown, Vancouver
2009 - Harley Hotchkiss, Calgary
2009 - Anthony Fell, Toronto
2007 - Anson Chan, Vancouver
2007 - Brian Mulroney, Montreal
2005 - Gwyn Morgan, Calgary
2004 - Václav Klaus, Vancouver
2004 - Dr. Fan Gang, Vancouver
2003 - Milton and Rose Friedman, Vancouver
2002 - Ralph Klein, Calgary
2001 - Conrad Black, Vancouver

Note: Margaret Thatcher was presented with a special Fraser Institute lifetime membership and honourary T Patrick Boyle Award in 1993.