Alan Dowd

Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute

Alan W. Dowd is a Senior Fellow of the Fraser Institute and Senior Editor of Fraser Insight. Dowd conducts research into defence and security issues. He co-authored the Fraser Institute report Cybersecurity Challenges for Canada and the United States; has contributed to the Institute’s Economic Freedom of North America Annual Report (EFNA); helped launch the Institute’s EFNA Network in 2014; and continues to manage and coordinate the EFNA Network, which today enfolds 45 member-organizations in 36 U.S. states, Canada and Mexico. An award-winning writer, Dowd is a frequent contributor to American Legion Magazine, Military Officer, The American, Landing Zone, and American Outlook. In addition, his writing has appeared in Fraser Forum, Claremont Review of Books, Policy Review, Parameters, Journal of Diplomacy & International Relations, Diplomat & International Canada, World Politics Review, World & I, National Post, Baltimore Sun, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, Sacramento Bee, Indianapolis Star, Detroit News, Vancouver Sun, Wall Street Journal Europe, Jerusalem Post, Financial Times Deutschland, and the online editions of the American Interest, National Review, and Weekly Standard. Dowd has served as an adjunct professor at Butler University and Anderson University; was a founding member of the Sagamore Institute leadership team, where he continues to hold a senior fellow post; and was director of Hudson Institute’s corporate headquarters. He earned a B.A. with departmental high honors from Butler University and an M.A. from Indiana University.

Recent Research by Alan Dowd

— Mar 3, 2015
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Cybersecurity Challenges for Canada and the United States

Cybersecurity Challenges for Canada and the United States by Alexander Moens, Fraser Institute senior fellow and political science professor at Simon Fraser University, spotlights the recent history of foreign cyber intrusions into Canadian and American assets and discusses the cybersecurity role of the respective national governments.

— Jul 10, 2008
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This is the fifth edition of the annual report, Economic Freedom of North America , and this year marks the first time we are producing a US edition of the report. The statistical results of this year's study persuasively confirm those published in the previous four editions.