Brianna Brown

Intern, Fraser Institute

Brianna Brown was a summer research intern for the Barbara Mitchell Centre for Improvement in Education at the Fraser Institute in 2015. She received her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science (Honours) and Economics at McGill University in the spring of 2015.

Recent Research by Brianna Brown

— Dec 10, 2015
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Expansion in Charter School Jurisdictions in US; Stagnation in Canada

A Primer on Charter Schools, spotlights the growth in and outcomes of charter schools—autonomous public schools that provide alternative pedagogies and curriculum—in both Canada and the United States. It finds that, while  the number of students attending charter schools in the United States has grown dramatically over the past decade, Alberta remains the only province in Canada with legislation allowing such schools.

— Oct 6, 2015
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Where Our Students are Educated: Measuring Student Enrolment in Canada

Where Our Students are Educated: Measuring student enrolment in Canada, compares and contrasts the changes in public and private school enrolment, by province, between 2000/01 to 2012/13.  It finds that, against the backdrop of declining student populations, private school enrolment across Canada is up by almost 17 per cent while public school enrolment  has decreased eight per cent.