Jason Childs

Jason Childs, Ph.D., has published a wide array of articles in international academic journals, consulting reports, and other works. In addition, he has co-authored textbooks in micro and macro economics. His research has explored issues of international finance, deception, rent control, alcohol policy, and the legalization of cannabis. His recent research has begun to focus on the macroeconomic implications of Canada’s system of equalization. In addition to academic writing, he routinely works with local and national media, contributing both expert commentary and to help make macroeconomic issues and policy more accessible to the general public. 

Recent Research by Jason Childs

— Feb 28, 2023
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Saskatchewan Premiers and Provincial Government Spending

Saskatchewan Premiers and Provincial Government Spending is a new study that reviews annual per-person program spending (inflation-adjusted) by Saskatchewan premiers from 1965 to 2021, and finds that the highest single year of per-person spending on record was under Premier Scott Moe in 2021, even excluding COVID-related spending.