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Kenneth P. Green

Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute

Kenneth P. Green is a Fraser Institute senior fellow and author of over 800 essays and articles on public policy, published by think tanks, major newspapers, and technical and trade journals in North America. Mr. Green holds a doctoral degree in environmental science and engineering from UCLA, a master’s degree in molecular genetics from San Diego State University, and a bachelors degree in general biology from UCLA.

Mr. Green’s policy analysis has centered on evaluating the pros and cons of government management of environmental, health, and safety risk. More often than not, his research has shown that governments are poor managers of risk, promulgating policies that often do more harm than good both socially and individually, are wasteful of limited regulatory resources, often benefit special interests (in government and industry) at the expense of the general public, and are almost universally violative of individual rights and personal autonomy. Mr. Green has also focused on government’s misuse of probabilistic risk models in the defining and regulating of EHS risks, ranging from air pollution to chemical exposure, to climate change, and most recently, to biological threats such as COVID-19.

Mr. Green's longer publications include two supplementary text books on environmental science issues, numerous studies of environment, health, and safety policies and regulations across North America, as well as a broad range of derivative articles and opinion columns. Mr. Green has appeared frequently in major media and has testified before legislative bodies in both the United States and Canada.

Recent Research by Kenneth P. Green

— Nov 22, 2022
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COVID-19: The Risk in Perspective

COVID-19: The Risk in Perspective finds that humanity’s experience with COVID-19 has proven once again that human beings are not particularly adept at perceiving, understanding and rationally acting upon issues involving risk.

— Jun 23, 2022
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Canada’s Wasteful Plan to Regulate Plastic Waste

Canada’s Wasteful Plan to Regulate Plastic Waste is a new study that finds Ottawa’s plan to ban plastics by 2030 will have virtually no effect on the environment as only one per cent of Canada’s plastic waste is ever released into the environment as litter, but could ultimately cost Canadians $300 million a year.

— Jan 13, 2022
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Is Climate Catastrophe Really 10 Years Away?

Is Climate Catastrophe Really 10 Years Away? is a new study that finds the increasingly accepted idea that the world has 10 years to avoid catastrophic climate change is overstated due to the nature of the models that this assertion is largely based on. In fact, real-world data over the last twenty years has demonstrated the main models being used to forecast the future climate have proven inaccurate and unreliable.