Fraser Forum - May 2010: 2008/2009 Recession

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Canada fares well in annual Mining Survey
by Fred McMahon and Miguel Cervantes
Mining industry executives have rated Quebec the world’s best jurisdiction for mineral exploration and development for the third straight year.

Ontario’s 2010 budget piles on the debt
by Milagros Palacios and Charles Lammam
Due to out-of-control government spending, Ontario’s debt will grow by an alarming $74.6 billion or 38.6% over the next three years.

Canadians hand over 42% of their income to government
by Milagros Palacios and Niels Veldhuis
Last year, the average Canadian family earned approximately $69,1752 and paid $9,341 in income taxes. Personal income taxes, however, represent only about one-third of Canadians’ total tax bill.

Reducing opportunities for Ontario’s youth
by Amela Karabegovic and Niels Veldhuis
Ontario’s recent minimum wage hike will rob young workers of the chance to participate in the labour market and gain the skills and experience they need to succeed in today’s workplace.

The unsustainable growth of government health care spending
by Mark Rovere
Only market-based reforms can save our ailing provincial health care systems.

The “Great Recession”?
by Amela Karabegovic and Niels Veldhuis
Contrary to popular belief, the 2008/2009 recession was not the worst one since the Great Depression or the Second World War.

The stimulus didn’t work
by Niels Veldhuis and Charles Lammam
The latest data from Statistics Canada show that government stimulus had a negligible effect on Canada’s economic turnaround in the second half of 2009.

Research or rhetoric?
by Niels Veldhuis and Charles Lammam
A vast body of academic research casts serious doubt on the notion that government stimulus spending can boost economic activity.

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