Dean Stansel

Research Associate Professor, Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University

Dean Stansel is a Research Associate Professor at the O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom in the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Prior to taking up his position at SMU, he taught at Florida Gulf Coast University and Eastern New Mexico University. He earned his B.A. in economics (with honors) and politics from Wake Forest University and his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University. Before entering academia, Prof. Stansel worked for seven years at the Cato Institute, a public-policy research organization in Washington, D.C., where he produced over 60 publications on fiscal policy issues. He is the primary author of the Fraser Institute’s annual report, Economic Freedom of North America, the sole author of an index of economic freedom for US metropolitan areas, as well as the author of numerous academic journal articles on a variety of issues in public finance and urban economics. Prof. Stansel’s research has been discussed in many publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution; and his commentaries have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Investor’s Business Daily, and Chicago Tribune, among others. He was selected in 2011 by the Economic Freedom Project to help publicize the findings of the various economic freedom reports, and the virtues of economic freedom in general, through a variety of media interviews (about 75 a year).

Recent Research by Dean Stansel

— Dec 13, 2016
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Economic Freedom of North America 2016

Economic Freedom of North America 2016 finds that New Hampshire has the highest level of economic freedom among all U.S. states for the second year in a row. The Live Free or Die state scored 8.3 out of 10 in this year’s report, which measures government spending, taxation and labour market restrictions. Among the four largest states, Florida was 2nd and Texas tied for 3rd. For the second year in a row New York was the least-free state in the country at 50th, and California ranked 49th.

— Sep 15, 2016
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Economic Freedom of the World: 2016 Annual Report

The Economic Freedom of the World: 2016 Annual Report is the world’s premier measurement of economic freedom, ranking countries based on five areas: size of government, legal structure and security of property rights, access to sound money, freedom to trade internationally, and regulation of credit, labour and business. This year’s report compares 159 countries and territories. In this year’s ranking, which is based on 2014 data, Hong Kong is again number one, Canada is tied for fifth, and the United States ranked 16th for the second year in a row.

— Dec 15, 2015
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The Economic Freedom of North America 2015 report uses data from 2013 (the most recent year available) to rank jurisdictions based on their levels of economic freedom (measured in size of government, taxation, regulation, rule of law, etc.). It spotlights the 50 U.S. states, 32 Mexican states and 10 Canadian provinces.