Canadian Student Review: Summer 2017

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In this issue:

The Risks and Rewards of Automation
by Brennan Sorge
Read about the future of automation and its potential impact on the workforce.

Canada’s Current Agricultural Supply Management System—Not Worth Fighting For
by Steven Globerman
A discussion of NAFTA and Canada’s agriculture sector.

The Quote Wall
Josef Schumpeter
A famous quote from Joseph Schumpeter, an Austrian-born American economist and political scientist, regarding the sharing economy.

The Book Corner
The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves
by Matt Ridley
Matt Ridley, New York Times bestselling author, discusses the role of markets and how trade and innovation have improved lives.

Camping and the Open Market

by Johnathan Fortier
Read about the impact open markets have had on advancing even one of the most basic summer activities—camping.

Understanding Wealth Inequality in Canada

This infographic shows that for most Canadians, wealth accumulation is a steady, lifelong process and is the dominant explanation for observed differences in wealth.

The Unseen Wall:
The Fraser Institute’s 2003 Trade Survey

Revisit a discussion from 2003 on the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the pertinent trade relationship between Canada and the United States.

Economics Made the World Great—and Can Make It Even Better

A brief look into how economics has improved the world over time.

Economic Freedom Has Been Key to Advancement of Women Worldwide

by Fred McMahon
Insight into the correlation between the advancement of women and economic freedom.

What’s New From the Institute

Canada’s Air Quality Since 1970: An Environmental Success Story
by Ross McKitrick and Elmira Aliakbari.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Use and Public Attitudes 1997, 2006, and 2016
by Nadeem Esmail.

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