federal spending

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Federal government can balance budget with relatively modest spending restraint

The government is on track to run nine consecutive budgets deficits, with all but one exceeding $10 billion.

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Prime minister rejects ‘austerity’ despite massive debt and dismal economic growth
Nearly a decade of uninterrupted deficits has increased the federal debt by $941.9 billion.

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Federal government consistently spends beyond high spending targets

The government now expects to spend $58 billion more than its 2023 budget projections.

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Federal government cranked up spending up but Canadians are worse off

Over the past eight years, Canada's growth in real GDP per person is a paltry 1.6 per cent versus 14.7 per cent in the United States.

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You are paying for our governments’ debt addiction

Since 2007-08, combined federal and provincial government net debt has increased by roughly $1 trillion.

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Spending sprees by governments across Canada help fuel inflation and high interest rates

Between 2024/25 and 2027/28, the federal government has increased projected spending by $30.7 billion more than previously forecasted.

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Federal government maintains high levels of spending and abandons fiscal anchor

Projected federal spending from 2024 to 2027 is now $30.7 billion higher than previous forecasts.

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Federal government poised to pile on more spending and debt

Since 2014/15, federal government debt interest costs have nearly doubled.

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Federal government’s record-breaking spending saddles Canadians with huge debt

By the end of this fiscal year, the federal government will have racked up $591.9 billion in debt since 2015.