Canadian Student Review: Spring 2016

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In this issue:

Soaking the Rich Will Dampen the Economy
by Matthew Lau
Discover the problems associated with increasing the income tax rate on top earners.

The Quote Wall
Sonia Arrison
Bestselling author and student seminar presenter comments on how new technologies can increase the average lifespan.

Canada’s Opposition to Unpaid Internships Hurts the Unskilled

by Fergus Hodgson
Can paid internships lead to fewer jobs for students?

The Book Corner
The Conservative Heart
by Arthur Brooks
How conservatism can increase happiness and fight poverty.

Alberta Rejects New Charter Schools Despite Evidence of Widespread Benefits

by Deani Van Pelt and Lynn Bosetti
Alternatives for secondary school education.

Premier’s Report Card
See how the premier of your province fairs in this ranking of fiscal performance.

The Myth of Food Miles

by Diane Katz
How eating local may not be as environmentally conscious as it is made out to be.

Video Gallery
Canadian Consumer Tax Index 2015

The largest expense for Canadian families may surprise you.

Fossil Fuel- Free Activists Should Focus First on Self-Sacrifice

by John Chant
Other ways fossil fuel-free activists can reduce their carbon footprint.

Hot Topics
What’s New from the Institute: How minimum wage hikes will affect low income families and a look at Ontario’s mounting debt.

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