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All high school graduates should be able to pass the citizenship test
In some provinces, what students learn about Canadian history is left almost entirely to the teacher’s discretion.

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COVID school closures dramatically set kids back—here are some solutions

Union agreements hamper the ability of governments to hire and reward excellent teachers based on merit.

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Holocaust education in schools is a good start—and shows why facts matter

Only when you possess background knowledge about a topic can you think critically about it.

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Ontario government closed schools even after reality of COVID became clear

By December 2020, a large body of research showed that children represented two per cent or less of COVID.

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B.C.’s new curriculum will shortchange students

There's a direct relationship between background knowledge about the topic of a book and one’s ability to understand it.

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Report cards should be clear, not confusing

Unfortunately, British Columbia's new curriculum focuses on the process of learning rather than on actual content.

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Government monopoly on curriculum limits school choice

B.C. recently revamped its curriculum—and definitely not in a good way.

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ChatGPT underscores importance of traditional education

Tests are the best way to assess students on actual knowledge and skills acquired in a course.