Access delayed, transparency denied

Yet another patient appears on Global TV News unable to get an expensive prescription drug reimbursed by the Ontario provincial government, and the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care responds that “the provinces and territories are working together to negotiate with manufacturers to get the best possible prices for drugs.” What no one gets to know is precisely how that’s happening or how quickly, leaving us all in the dark about access to a vital component of modern medical care.

Nova Scotia should allow competition to determine generic drug prices - commentary

Nova Scotia’s minister of health Maureen McDonald has announced her government’s intentions of introducing legislation this spring aimed at getting ‘fairer’ drug prices. It appears that minister McDonald will likely be following Ontario and Quebec’s mistakes by arbitrarily regulating prices.
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The war on drugs is lost and prohibition has been a complete failure. These are the conclusions of Sensible Solutions to the Urban Drug Problem. Here are eight papers presented to two Fraser Institute conferences.