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Lack of economic vision threatens stability in Tunisia

Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet, a coalition of four civil society groups, richly deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for shepherding Tunisia through turbulent times.

Conversation impossible with today’s nationalist and religious states

Today, democracies share hardly any values with a revanchist Russia and the emergent hegemon in China, and no values with radical Islamists.

Economic Freedom and a Healthier Middle East

The violent storms triggered by the Arab Spring continue to batter the Middle East. As regimes fall, wars rage and nations fracture, is there any reason for hope? A new Fraser Institute study—Institutions and Economic, Political and Civil Liberty in the Arab World—says yes and no.

Arab Spring wilts under continued cronyism

With violence flaring in the Middle East, the Arab Spring seems like a distant wilted dream. Yet, some green shoots have sprouted.
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