environmental concerns

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Minor tweaks won’t fix major flaws in Bill C-69

It’s hard to see how a new additional phase of consultation will reduce timelines.

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The two sides of Rachel Notley

Berman’s views have evolved from sustainable development to “steady extinguishment” of the oilsands.

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The latest UN report on climate changes says its “irreversible” and again calls for massive government intervention and subsidies to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. Is that realistic for Canada?


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The pictures coming out of northern British Columbia where a mine-tailings pond in Mount Polley ruptured on August 4, 2014 are painful to see. The fact that the site is remote, and that only a small number of people are likely to be directly affected doesn’t mitigate the visceral pain one feels at seeing images of uprooted trees, and mud-clogged streams and rivers.