federal government spending

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Trudeau government spending has increased risk of trouble if recession hits

If the conditions of the 2008-09 recession were repeated, the annual deficit would skyrocket to $120.5 billion.

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Ottawa’s appetite for spending continues to grow

For April and May of this year, federal government program spending increased by $6.3 billion.

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Both Trudeau and Harper increased size of federal government

In 2018, per person program spending (inflation adjusted) reached $8,869, the highest point in Canadian history.

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Alberta still keeps federal finances afloat

Albertans made a net contribution of more than $20 billion in 2017/18.

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Mr. Prime Minister, the good times won’t last forever

The 2018-19 federal deficit will be $800 million higher than projected in the government’s budget.

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Even in a weakened state, Alberta still props up federal finances

Tax revenue from Albertans helps fund services all Canadians enjoy.

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Prime Minister Trudeau cements his ‘debt’ legacy

Canada’s gross debt will increase this year by almost $120 billion.

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Trudeau government's 2019 budget full of puzzling contradictions

Overly politicized budgets, particularly budgets seemingly assembled haphazardly, risk producing poor policies.