business investment

B.C.’s 2018 budget fails to deal with competitiveness

From 2014 to 2016, non-residential business investment in B.C. declined 19 per cent after accounting for inflation.

Governments must focus on competitiveness this coming budget season

In seven provinces, the top personal income tax rate exceeds 50 per cent.

Canada must increase business investment

Capital formation in plant, machinery and equipment remains a major factor in growing our productivity and competitiveness.

Canada asleep at the wheel on U.S. tax reform

The overall tax rate on new investment in the U.S. may fall to 18.6 per cent compared to 21.6 per cent in Canada.

How healthy is Ontario’s economy—outside of Toronto?

Current projections suggest firms will invest less money in Ontario this year than in 2008.

Economists and media fuel confusion on Canada’s economy and economic policy

Statistics Canada’s August economic growth numbers show that the economy contracted.

Reality check—this year’s uptick in economic growth has nothing to do with government policy

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