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Canadian politicians should learn about Australia’s better health-care system

In Australia, more than 70 per cent of elective hospital admissions involving surgery occurred in a private hospital.

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Policymakers in Ottawa and Edmonton maintain broken health-care system

Canada ranked dead last on wait times for specialist care and non-emergency surgeries.

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Bill Maher is right about Canadian health care

Among countries with universal health care, Canada has some of the lowest numbers of physicians, hospital beds and MRI machines.

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Nova Scotians still face longest health-care wait times in Canada

The province's median wait between referral from a family doctor and receipt of treatment was 56.7 weeks.

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B.C. government must fundamentally reform health care to shorten wait times

In 2021/22, 41 per cent of all hospital care in Australia took place in private facilities.

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Ottawa’s health-care deal cements failed status quo in Canada

Last year Canadians endured the longest median wait time (27.7 weeks) ever recorded for non-emergency surgery.

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Canadians losing faith in our health-care system

Other countries include the private sector as a partner in the universal health-care framework.

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Lack of medical resources cost Canadians dearly

Last year, the median wait between a specialist referral and treatment was 14.8 weeks in Canada.

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Nova Scotia health-care system needs reform, not a blank cheque

Nova Scotians waited 58.2 weeks (on average) between referral from a GP to receipt of treatment.