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Opponents of health-care reform continue to ignore wait times data

Last year, an estimated 1,082,541 Canadians waited for medically necessary treatment.

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Private sector helping address physician scarcity in the U.S.

A 1991 report recommended a 10 per cent reduction in medical school enrolment in Canada.

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Ford health-care plan falls well short of what’s needed

Patients in Saskatchewan still have access to universal care—just a lot sooner than before thanks in part to private providers working within the system.

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Ontario no longer has shortest health-care wait times in Canada

Ontarians waited 29.7 weeks (on average) for orthopedic surgery this year.

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You know things are bad when the best you can say is “at least it hasn’t gotten any worse.” That, essentially, is the main takeaway from the Canadian Institute for Health Information’s updated report on wait times for healthcare in Canada.

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As those who have ever endured painful months, or even years, waiting for medically necessary treatment have discovered, all the new cash poured into Canada’s health care system in recent years has made little difference.

Last month the Canadian Institute of Health Information [CIHI] released a report indicating that about 80 per cent of patients received treatment in priority clinical areas (cancer, heart, diagnostic imaging, joint replacement and sight restoration) within targeted benchmarks. But a closer examination suggests that it is certainly no reason for celebration.

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When it comes to health care, all three of Canada’s major federal political parties are drinking the same Kool-Aid. All three say they will maintain the six per cent annual increases to health care transfer payments to the provinces past 2014. But does it not seem odd they want to spend more money on a problem that has little to do with how much we spend, especially at a time when Ottawa can ill afford it?