ontario's debt

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Ford government must get serious about Ontario's government debt

Ontario’s government spends more than $1 billion every month on debt interest.

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A visit from the ghost of Ontario’s fiscal future

This year’s budget shortfall is projected to eclipse $14 billion.

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Over the past decade more Ontarians have left to live in other provinces than have moved here from elsewhere in the country.

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Since 2007, Ontario’s net debt has approximately doubled and is expected to reach $315 billion this year.

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During 10-year period, major federal transfers to Ontario rose from $10.9 billion to $20.4 billion—an increase of 87.8 per cent.

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Many Ontarians have likely heard a horror story or two about their government’s growing debt and the resulting strain on public finances. You can’t blame them. Sources of evidence abound.

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When the federal government faced a growing debt problem in the late 1980s, then Opposition finance critic Paul Martin was initially skeptical about cutting spending.

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Roughly 12 hours after Premier Kathleen Wynne was re-elected in Ontario with a majority government, bond markets and international credit rating agencies sent her a powerful message about the province’s dismal public finances.