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— Jun 12, 2018
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In 2016, Toronto residents paid $60 more per month than the average Canadian for electricity.

— Apr 11, 2018
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Why many parts of Ontario feel left behind

Net job growth over the past decade has been heavily concentrated in Toronto and Ottawa.

— Mar 14, 2018
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Ford vs. Wynne—what’s the difference

Federal law requires all provinces to price carbon, and if they refuse, Ottawa can impose the tax on the province.

— Sep 13, 2017
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Ontario—from fiscal leader to fiscal laggard

Next year Ontario’s debt burden per person is projected to surpass Quebec’s.

— May 18, 2017
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Population is not growing, employment is shrinking, and new investment spending has shrunk.

— Mar 8, 2017
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Ontario in the grip of short-term policy thinking
The costs of Ontario’s energy policy mistakes are being pushed onto future taxpayers.