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Angela MacLeod

Senior Policy Analyst, Fraser Institute

Angela MacLeod is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Fraser Institute, conducting research for the Barbara Mitchell Centre for Improvement in Education, and the Centre for School Performance Studies. After completing a Bachelor of Business Administration from Acadia University she spent time working in banking and management before pursuing a Master of Public Policy from the University of Calgary.  The focus of her graduate studies was social and economic policy, and her final paper Noble Frustrations: The Many Practical Problems with Municipal Poverty Initiatives was subsequently published by the Manning Foundation.  She was formerly the executive director of a school choice advocacy organization and is passionate about improving K-12 education across the country.  She is the co-author of numerous education policy studies including Where our Students are Educated: Measuring Student Enrolment in Canada, 2017 and Comparing the Family Income of Students in Alberta’s Independent and Public Schools.

Recent Research by Angela MacLeod

— Nov 22, 2018
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K-12 Education Reform in Alberta

K-12 Education Reform in Alberta finds that the Alberta government can improve K-12 education by implementing a series of reforms to both the public and independent school systems, including: experimenting with teacher incentive pay, allowing for-profit schools (as they do in Sweden), and relaxing the limits and restrictions on charter schools.

— Jun 26, 2018
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Comparing the Standardized Test Scores of British Columbia’s Public and Independent Schools

Comparing the Standardized Test Scores of British Columbia’s Public and Independent Schools finds that over a five-year period, students at non-elite independent schools averaged statistically significant higher scores than public students in 10 of the province’s 11 standardized tests in both elementary and secondary schools, even though after-tax incomes for families with children at both types of schools are the same.

— Jun 16, 2018
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Report Card on Alberta’s High Schools 2018

The Report Card on Alberta’s High Schools 2018 rates 262 public, independent, separate and charter schools based on eight academic indicators generated from Grade 12 provincewide testing, grade-to-grade transition and graduation rates. The report card provides parents with information they can’t easily get anywhere else. In addition to five years of academic results, the report card also shows which schools are improving or falling behind.